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Process Control

Our objective as an independent Australian company, is to find the correct solution to your flow control problem, not to sell you a particular ‘brand’ of valve.

To achieve this we draw upon the contacts we have made over thirty years, both within Australia and overseas, and as a result, we are able to offer the most suitable package of valves and instruments for your application.

We also automate standard metal or thermoplastic valves by fitting them with a variety of actuators and accessories including Positioners, Limit Switches, Switch Boxes, Visual Indicators, Solenoid Valves and Speed Controls.

Most of our Electric Actuators, Switch Boxes, Limit Switches and Solenoid Valves are also available in Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof Versions.

As a result of the extensive range of Process Control Valves available to us, their body materials, seal materials, flow characteristics, types of actuators, switches, positioners, etc., it is not possible to catalogue all of these items here.

Please contact us with details of your specific requirement and we will be pleased to submit a proposal.

This can normally be done the same day.

Welcome you to the world of "innovative valve technology"

GSR is a German manufacturer of standard and specially designed valves and valve systems, with solenoid, pneumatic and electric motor actuators, for nearly all types of industry and applications. The range includes Solenoid Valves, Pressure Controlled Valves, Motorised Valves and valves specially designed for the most difficult applications.

  • Pressure: Up to 350 Bar
  • Temperature: - 40 to + 350 degrees C
  • Size: Up to DN300


Valves are available Normally Open or Normally Closed and may be supplied complete with a wide range of options including, Manual Override, Anti-Hammer, Limit Switches, Parabolic Plugs, 4 - 20 mA / 0 - 10V Input Controllers, 3-Position Pneumatic Actuators, and many more. GSR manufacture special valves for the following Industries :

  • Car Wash Systems
  • Food & Beverage
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • LPG Dispensing
  • Machine Tools
  • Cryogenics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation

Covering a wide range of media including, gas, steam, liquid, powder and grain, as well as media that is either arduous or contaminated, GSR products can also handle high pressure and/or vacuum applications.

Highly respected for the quality of their products, GSR work closely with Air & Hydraulic Systems to provide standard and tailor-made solutions for any process application.



PRAHER Valves GmbH

For more than 30 years, PRAHER Valves has been specialising in the manufacture of thermoplastic valves and components. Injection moulding tools used in the manufacture of these parts, are also manufactured in-house. In addition to the items developed and marketed under the PRAHER brand, the company produces plastic parts up to a maximum weight of 8.5 kg, for a wide range of different sectors, including the Water Treatment Industry, the Machine-Building Industry, the Electronics and Chemical Industries, as well as Instruments and Components to customers' individual specifications.

The company founder Ludwig PRAHER had a "vision" to produce better and better parts from high quality plastics, and over the years, this philosophy has provided a foundation for reliable and substantial growth. Although only individual parts were initially produced, it was not long before the company began designing and producing their own functional devices.

Using a wide variety of injection moulding tools, PRAHER manufacture thousands of different thermoplastic parts and products, on the most up-to-date injection-moulding equipment. All tooling is prepared exclusively by specialists using CAD and CNC processing machines in the company’s own mould making department.

New technologies are constantly being tested by PRAHER’S highly qualified engineers, in collaboration with customers and suppliers, and when proven, are integrated into the production process.

A committed family enterprise, PRAHER is Quality Accredited to ISO-9001 and is the leading European manufacturer of PVC, PP and PVDF valves, and a large assortment of cleaning accessories and backwash valves for the pool and spa industry.

The PRAHER product range includes Industrial Quality Ball, Butterfly, Diaphragm and Check Valves in a variety of thermoplastic materials, together with Multi-Port Backwash Valves and a wide range of Swimming Pool and Spa Accessories.



Friedrich Stübbe first registered the Albert Stübbe Vlotho Company over 75 years ago on 18th March 1925.

The company initially specialised in leather punching and the manufacture of leather shoe uppers and rubber soles, and revolutionised the industry with the introduction of a machine which enabled the Stübbe company to produce shoes whose soles only needed to be glued under the uppers. No longer were tucking or stitching required.

In 1949 the first grey cast iron stop valve with a soft seat was developed and manufactured in the ASV Stübbe foundry. In parallel with their already successful shoe machinery manufacture, in 1950 the company began the development of plastic injection moulding machines with the objective of not only marketing them, but also for use in their own production of soles from hard-wearing rubber, polyurethane and polyethylene.

During this time ASV Stübbe were at the forefront of technological development, with the introduction of such revolutionary products as the ‘Cirrus Board’, made from polystyrene and used as an insulating material, now known as ‘Styropor’; a curved conveyor belt; new non-slip rubber soles with shock absorbers in the heels; ‘health’ soles and ‘climatised’ soles; own-brand adhesives, etc.

In 1961, ASV Stübbe patented the first thermoplastic ball valve, a completely new type of valve in a one-piece design, which was to form the basis for their now extensive range of valves and flowmeters.

In 1969, the machinery manufacturing section of the company, which by now had 1760 employees, was sold to the Demag AG company. The revenue generated from this sale was used for new developments in the field of thermoplastic valves, measurement and control engineering, and thermoplastic pumps.

In July 2003, Fritz-Günther Pape (who once completed an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in the old Stübbe machine factory), retired as Managing Director, and handed the reins of the Company to Klaus Warneker, under whose guidance, around 300 employees in the Vlotho plant will concentrate on what has become the company’s core business – design and manufacture of first-class thermoplastic valves, pumps, measuring devices and injection moulding tools.